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New Hampshire State House Assistance Dog event

New Hampshire State House Assistance Dog event

When: Friday, August 10, 2012, 11:30 am - 1:30pm
Where: New Hampshire State House, Concord, NH, in front

New Hampshire Governor’s Commission on Disability Information Event

We service dog owners felt the need to get the word out about all the services performed by service dogs who are not guide dogs.  Every one is familiar with a guide dog and the guide dog organization in our area holds events which promote them.  However, too few people appear to know much about our dogs, what exactly they do for those of us with mobility, vision or hearing impairments, or the role of a seizure or psychiatric dog.

Several of us, with our dogs, plan to have an information table of service dog literature and answer questions of those who happen to pass by.

After many attempts, my dog CeCe and I, with the help of a NH State Representative who sponsored it for us, were to finally able get our service dog bill through this year’s legislative session.  Our amended dog licensing law takes effect on Aug. 12th and will give service dog owners the option of obtaining permanent registration for the working life of the dog.  We will be trying to get the word out on that and answering the many questions that go along with a new law.

Unfortunately, should it rain, we will be forced to cancel as it will be an outdoor event.
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