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Intl. Assistance Dog Week

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2014: Meet The Kotuku Foundation Recipient’s Dog Who Keeps Her Owner Alive

When: Aired August 5th 2014 - available online.

In conjunction with International Assistance Dog Week (IADW), Television New Zealand (TVNZ) current affairs program, and  Seven Sharp interviews, Kotuku Foundation Assistance Animals Aotearoa (KFAAA) recipient Vicki Parry appears with  her incredible Diabetic Response Dog (DRD),  Siberian Husky ‘Ada’.

Trained under the auspices of KFAAA by principal trainer Flip Calkoen, Ada is New Zealand’s first ever DRD and possibly the first of her breed in the world to be working in this specialized and life-saving role.

Established in 2006, this registered charity holds Vice-Regal patronage and has pioneered the provision of  Medical Response Dogs in NZ.

KFAAA supports IADW in its mission to recognize the transforming role assistance dogs play in their recipient’s lives.

Our dogs not only transform lives but have the potential to save them every day. 

KFAAA depends upon donors to progress this invaluable work.  All donations are gratefully received (those over $5.00 are tax deductible) and can be made at any branch of the ANZ bank in NZ.

Your support enables our endeavors!
More Info: To learn more about our programs, contact KFAAA at:

+64 21 298 4741

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