August 7-13, 2022

Only -5 more days until
Intl. Assistance Dog Week

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PSA contacts

International Assistance Dog Week  (IADW)
TV PSA Contact form and Instructions

We are working with CBS to coordinate the production of a public service announcement (PSA) telling people about International Assistance Dog Week starring Pauley Perrette from the CBS TV show, NCIS.

We need your help to make this happen.

CBS wants us to contact local TV stations, asking them to run the PSA. We will then send our list of TV stations we have contacted, showing a high level of commitment in various media markets, to CBS in LA.

Can you help by calling TV stations and/or cable companies in your area?
Download Contact form to fill in (Instructions are included)

Call as many stations as you can.  If you have limited time, first call the CBS station in your area.

When calling a CBS station, you can say you are calling about a PSA starring Pauley Perrette of the TV show NCIS right away, as this is a star on their network.

When calling other stations, you might want to just say we have a PSA for International Assistance Dog Week and not necessarily mention Pauley Perrette’s name.  Sometimes stations from other networks won’t want to play a spot featuring a star from a rival network.  

You can also call the local office of cable TV companies and ask them to run the PSA for International Assistance Dog Week. Just fill out the form (download form below) the same as you would for a TV station, putting the cable company name instead of station name. NCIS is syndicated on the USA Network.

What to say when you call
Ask for the person who is in charge of PSAs on the station or at the cable company.

Once you have that person, tell them you are calling to ask if they would commit to running a PSA for International Assistance Dog Week.  If it’s a CBS station, say it’s a spot starring Pauley Perrette of NCIS.  If it is not a CBS station, you don’t need to say that.

Tell them IADW is August 5-11, 2012.  Ask if they could run the PSA as part of their rotation for a month, July 15-August 15.  (If you/they want to know more about IADW, go to

Get the person you are talking to give you their name, title, phone and email so you can fill that all in.  Also fill in the commitment.  If they can’t run it for a month, ask what they can do and fill that in.

That’s it!  Just send your completed form back by May 11 and keep a copy.
Where to return your form is in the downloadable form or contact us to get more information.

Download Contact form to fill in
(Instructions are included) 

Here’s an example of information to collect:

Station name/number/network: KRQE 13/ CBS  
City/State: Albuquerque, NM
PSA contact person at station
Name:  Bill Case  
Title: Creative services director
Phone: (505) 764-5215

Commitment:  Will run PSA in rotation from July 15-August 15

Download Contact form to fill in
(Instructions are included)