August 7-13, 2022

Only -414 more days until
Intl. Assistance Dog Week

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We’ve put together materials to help you host your own event, spread the word, and share your knowledge about assistance dogs. You can download each item individually below.

2021 Assistance Dog Week Materials Overview
This is a list of the available materials and how you can use them. Download»

2021 Assistance Dog Week Fact Sheet
Use this sheet to provide local media background on International Assistance Dog Week along with your press release, or give a copy to other volunteers so they can learn more. Download»

2021 Assistance Dog Week Sample Press Release
Use this sample release to craft your own notice to the media about your IADW event. This will give you ideas on what to include in your release. You can send it out to local magazines, newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and post it on local news websites or blogs. Download»

2021 Assistance Dog Week Sample Proclamation
International Assistance Dog Week events can start with a proclamation from your local public officials―mayor, state or local legislator or other dignitaries, affirming your community’s participation in this nationally recognized observance. Officials sometimes invite the media and sponsoring organizations to public signings of these proclamations. If you want to include proclamations from local officials in your Assistance Dog Week observance, be sure to contact their offices at least a month before your event. You can share the sample proclamation with members of their staff. Download»

2021 Assistance Dog Week Event Ideas
This is a list of event ideas that you can use to spark your own creativity. Feel free to take any of these ideas and run with it, or come up with your own. If it’s fun, educational, or both, it’s probably a good idea. If you can use the event to raise awareness, and funds, for a local or national assistance dog organization, even better. Download»

2021 Web Banner Ads
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