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    Lack of power

    I have a Generation 8, 1999, Toyota Corolla Liftback 1.6 automatic. I have noticed for several years that when on a slight incline for about half a mile on a motorway, the car slowly starts to slow down, sometimes to about 45mph though the accelerator remains down. When pressing the accelerator...
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    Start up

    I have a 1999, 1.6 automatic Liftback Corolla. On start up one morning the ignition started but the engine struggled to turn over. I did this twice and each time I had my foot lightly on the accelerator. A tried a third time and this time I kept the accelerator to the floor. At first the engine...
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    Backing Plates and Idle Control Valve

    I own a 1999 Toyota Corolla Liftback, 1.6 automatic. It failed last years MOT with one of the rear backing plates being corroded through. I was told that as an obsolete part to get it back on the road I would need to get the part from a breakers, which I did but real expense considering it...