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    2013 Corolla LE fog lights pre-wired ??

    Since the original post is 3 years old, I’m writing this reply to help anyone else looking for information. I have a 2013 Corolla L and I had to replace my front bumper. Even before I started taking stuff apart I stuck my head in the bits and pieces left of the old bumper and in fact the fog...
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    Where does this wire go?

    Open the wire loom for that coil connector and check its condition. Frayed? Snapped? Obvious signs of damage and such.
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    A/c gets hot at idle

    Did you check your cooling fan? I dare to say that was the problem.
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    2011 Toyota Corolla 2.0 Reliability Query

    No major issues that I could find for your particular engine. But needless to say treat with respect and continue your scheduled maintenance. Just message me if you have any questions. Pictures help a lot.
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    Electronic locks work only on back doors

    If you haven’t found any electrical problems, you have bad actuators. For some reason they go out faster than the rear ones.
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    Oil Pan Drain Plug Washer

    Hello y’all. Just a brief clarification. It is not a crutch washer. It is there to prevent the drain plug and oil pan to contact metal on metal. When they get stuck as pictured, I just pry it very gently with a flathead screwdriver. Sometimes I give it a tap to the screwdriver handle to make ‘em...
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    Needing a help or advise to fix my 2009 Corolla

    I know this is late but for future reference: They sell painted parts for most manufacturers at very reasonable prices. Just provide your paint code located in the data plate. Let me know if you need help finding it.
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    Hello my toyota corolla 2009 starting issue after parked somewhere its taking 3 to 4 self to start again

    So it takes 3-4 minutes for the car to start again? How is your maintenance history? Any recent repairs?
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    2009 Toyota Corolla seat belt alarm malfunction.

    It sounds you have bad position sensors on the seats. And/or the seat belt buckle is not making proper contact. Check your wiring on your seats. Ask me if you have any doubts.
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    LASFIT LED Upgrade For Headlight & Front Turn Signal - Before & After Pictures Plus Review

    I really appreciate the information. Being curious for years and never done it because didn’t wanted to test products. I’m assuming the headlight positioning is so the light beam points where it’s needed.
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    LASFIT LED Upgrade For Headlight & Front Turn Signal - Before & After Pictures Plus Review

    Hi. Just some questions. You didn’t had to worry about hyper flashing with your signal lights? How does the LED headlights illuminate the road at night time? You know, in comparison with the old halogen lights.
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    Trunck latch release mechanism not working

    Will do. You might get lucky. Mine feels funny when I pull it to open my trunk. So it might be the next I fix.
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    2008 Toyota Corolla with a Lexus blower from the factory???

    Yeah. That’s normal for Toyotas. Toyota is still the bomb.
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    2008 toyota corolla s with lexus blower from the factory

    Problem is that parts fits both cars. That’s all.
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    2012 Toyota Corolla s 4 wheel disk brake conversion

    There’s no conversion kit per se. But go to and look for brake parts. For some reason the model years sold in Mexico are 4 wheels disc brakes. But the American version is not. So that’s a good way to source parts.
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    Trunck latch release mechanism not working

    With a lot of fun. Can be a hassle. Never done it on a Toyota though. Sorry.
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    How long could my 2012 Corolla last?

    Yeah. That’s a way to do it. Congrats on your badass wheels.
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    How do I remove clips? Hatch and Trunk Carpet

    Anyone has a part number for the aforementioned clip? And you just pull it straight out.
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    Toyota Corolla 2013-- USB Port

    Yeah. That could be a problem too. Check that.