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    narrow band o2 sensor voltage

    If someone has an odb2 scanner, could you read the rear o2 sensor and tell me what the voltage is. thank you 07 corolla but most models should be the same
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    07 corrola mpg down about 20%

    Looking at the data at idle warm car I am at 7.5% rich on the short fuel trim. The narrow band o2 is at .015 will go to .5 volt when gas pedal is pressed briefly. .015 seems low and indicates lean fuel, but the trims are rich. Not sure where the base line for either should be. when I add...
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    what type model are OEM spark plugs for 07 corolla

    Did Toyota use a variety of different plugs in there cars? what is the right OEM plug for an 07? And which is the best plug for MPG's others seem to like the NKG, but I thing denso sk16r11 are OEM
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    2007 OEM Rim Size - 114.5 bolt pattern???

    Measured my rim on a 2007 corolla le. have 4.25 between centers, that's skipping one stud. according to the net I add .25 and i get my rim spacing. Is this correct? everyone is saying they are 5-100. Looking for some rims, anyplace on the net for low cost rims? if I remember tire size is...
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    2007 Corolla Exhaust System - Rusted Flange Repair?

    catalog of walker donut gaskets made the flange now need a 2 inch donut gasket. Looked for a catalog online but found none. Anyone have a url which would list sizes and part numbers?
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    2007 Corolla Exhaust System - Rusted Flange Repair?

    2007 corolla where the resonator pipe meets the muffler the flange rusted off. the system is all welded and to replace is 910.00. Would like to repair but the pipes are odd sizes, 1.9id and 2.1 od. Looking for suggestions. since the cat and the rest of the system is good, should I just cut...