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  1. Lawmalsh

    PDF file for 9th gen fuel pump

    Try to search here I found many unexpected books/pdf files. Can you tell me what exactly you need to know about the 9th gen fuel pump? If you need to find out how to connect it, consider searching some videos on Youtube or just go to a service center where the...
  2. Lawmalsh

    Crypto for international transactions

    Yeah, a lot of big international companies are making their transactions via bitcoin. First of all, it is safer if compared to a regular bank transfer, then, no one is monitoring your cash flow, and bitcoin can't be tracked, so you are free to use it however you want. Bitcoin itself is a great...
  3. Lawmalsh

    GPS Navigation system updates

    sounds interesting
  4. Lawmalsh

    Toyota Automobile Museum

    Yeah, supra is a nice car, but it costs way too much!
  5. Lawmalsh

    Looking to buy 2019 Corolla.

    I took a look and the prices from there are the best!
  6. Lawmalsh


    This subject always was very complex. It's really hard to find an insurance company with good terms for you. I had very big headaches when I was searching to insure my car. Anyway, I can advise you to see what are average car insurance cost per month. It's a very helpful and detailed platform...
  7. Lawmalsh

    Budget kitchen

    I also love to cook mashed potatoes! Thank you for recommending me this hand mixer!
  8. Lawmalsh

    Buying First Car/Corolla

    Honestly, I don't know, but anyway, Toyota is known as one of the safest and durable cars. I also prefer old cars, and even though it is pretty difficult to find such cars, I collect them all around the world. Usually, I buy cars at a Japan auction and contact a car shipping company that always...
  9. Lawmalsh

    Blue crush paint getting worse

    I also heard that blue color is not the best choice, but at the same time, it had not to be a problem in case it was painted the right way, respecting all instructions. I would like to ask you if before painting the car, the old paint was removed. This is very important as over wise any kind of...
  10. Lawmalsh

    Racing with a Corolla S

    I can't say I like so much racing, but I am also a big fan of racing video-games, what video games do you play?