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  1. GeorgeWilson

    2019 Toyota Sienta Hybrid Car Review

    Thanks for sharing this review. My oldest son studies mechanical engineering and they often do written assignments to identify the pros and cons of a particular model. I saw how my son uses the help of professional writers when his thought reaches a dead end - It...
  2. GeorgeWilson

    Instagram followers

    There is one rule for the development of such accounts. No need to be too serious and post exclusively on business topics. Cars are great but we are all ordinary people and we want entertainment the most. Try writing on abstract topics in your story. I like the theme of astrology and numerology...
  3. GeorgeWilson

    My mum wont stop (gambling)

    This is a good example of how much better online computer games are than any gambling. My son plays Dota 2 and I am very happy about it. This is a great way to get adrenaline and communication. I know that he is in good company)) I often give him pro-players as an example (you can find here for...
  4. GeorgeWilson

    How far do you travel?

    Personally, I can’t call it to travel)) Travel is a trip to another country, for example - I used to be able to drive many miles in Europe in my car. But I became old and lazy and I wanted comfort) I chose the cruise for the last time but was satisfied. As...
  5. GeorgeWilson

    2019 Corolla LE backup camera has poor resolution

    I had such problems. It depends more on the camera than on the electrics of the car. You can read reviews on this technique - There may be options with different margins of safety. A couple of times I myself had to connect a digital camera to the review, but it's long and...
  6. GeorgeWilson

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    I wanted to say that the post about Krishna is the last thing I thought to see here)) I did not want to offend you. It's just not my way.
  7. GeorgeWilson

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    We see I did not know Zen so much to understand the meaning of this post .. I’ll go make coffee for myself))
  8. GeorgeWilson

    Hyundai Kona

    Sometimes it seems to me that large dealerships (official) are simply insolent. Good quality service? No, we have not heard about this. I had several problematic situations during the warranty repair of the machine (it all ended with a pre-trial agreement) This left its mark. My dad just visit...
  9. GeorgeWilson


    It feels like everyone is obsessed with cannabis and its derivatives ... It costs a lot of money and I see no reason to spend my money on it .. There is nothing better than a 10 year old whiskey
  10. GeorgeWilson

    Oil change

    When I was just learning to live in peace with my Toyota Corolla I tried to learn the guides. It was a strange experience, especially for someone who feels like a novice. In the end, I threw it and found a guy who works as a mechanic. A few bucks and beer and I was shown all the relevant points...
  11. GeorgeWilson


    Yes. I did it)) Slightly smelled of paint in the garage but overall dries quickly. By the way, did anyone use the car self-service? Will it be economical in time and money? I read an article about what causes bad wheel alignment (view more). This is one of those questions that I never thought...
  12. GeorgeWilson


    Hi, Shaun79. I congratulate you on this purchase. They say this is the best model to date. I have a simpler option (Toyota Corolla S CVT). Probably it seems silly but I don’t even know where to ask about it... Are you planning to make minor repairs to your car or do you all trust the service? I...
  13. GeorgeWilson


    Greetings to all. Take a newbie to your company)