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  1. corolla7x

    Greetings from Orange County, CA

    Thank you! :D
  2. corolla7x

    Greetings from Orange County, CA

    Hello everyone! First time Corolla owner. Well first time Toyota owner too. My last car was a '04 VW Beetle so this was definitely an upgrade for me lol I've had my 2015 Corolla S Plus for almost 2 years now and I couldn't be happier with it. I love everything from the slate metallic color...
  3. corolla7x


    I noticed this on the cursor switch on my steering wheel not too long ago. Has this happened to anybody else? I've had my car for almost 2yrs now and I'd like to think I'm not "rough" with it when skipping tracks so I don't know what could have caused it. Does anybody have any suggestions as...
  4. corolla7x


    Does anybody know how to delete a post? I thought it would be under 'edit', but no such luck. Please and thanks!
  5. corolla7x

    They see me rollin..

    They see me rollin..