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    AMP wire install through firewall

    Greetings - did you ever figure out the best place to run your wire / wiring though the firewall ? I have to do the same thing, but running a wire to the battery. I have the need to add a second accessory outlet. I have it already - thought I might find a rubber plug or pass-through point...
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    2013 Corolla, power / accessory outlet works ........ BUT -

    Thanks in advance for any comments, thoughts or advice here. My 2013 Corolla ( base model ) runs okay, 139,000 miles. Properly maintained, but still some problems and breakdowns in its history. But here's my QUESTION: My accessory power outlet WORKS. If I plug in my cell phone, it WILL charge...
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    My 2013 is having some serious work down right now as I write this -replaced the compressor ..... and the AC still stops functioning at slow speeds, traffic stops - blowing WARM air -in fact, they presumed the REPLACEMENT compressor was also bad. Now they are screwing around with the condenser...
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    A/C not work fine

    Estoy experimentando el mismo problema. Mi compresor de A / C no se está comprimiendo y enfriando bien. Cuando me detengo frente a una luz, se calienta - y cuando empiezo a moverme - puede tomar algunas cuadras para que se enfríe nuevamente. Si estoy atascado en el tráfico pesado también, no no...
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    2013 Corolla L - Is it The Stereo That is Terrible, The Antenna, or is it Everything?

    The stereo that came with my base model 2013 is beyond awful. And, I happen to be a talk-radio junkie - so the AM radio is useless. I live near a major city, so it's not signal strength - my wife's Camry proves that. In order to listen to the AM radio I must have the rear defroster on at the...
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    A/C Takes a Bit to Get Cold

    A lot of the explanations offered here by participants in this forum seem to make sense, BUT - there is one thing no one seems to be making clear. My A/C on my 2013 Corolla has always been blowing out cold air from the very moment I start the vehicle. That is, until 1 month ago. THEN IT SUDDENLY...