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  1. Knightenno

    CVT Transmission Service

    Sounds interesting, thank you
  2. Knightenno

    Crypto for international transactions

    interesting thoughts
  3. Knightenno

    Toyota Automobile Museum

    I've heard about this museum, do you know other car museums in the surrounding area?
  4. Knightenno

    Custom Trunk Floor

    My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks. Very useful comment.:D
  5. Knightenno

    E140 License Plate Screw Size

    Is this product on the website as good as you described it? It's awesome to change number plate for a unique one.
  6. Knightenno

    A Toyota Corolla and 3 kids- crazy talk?

    We also faced this issue with the car. Thank you for helping solve it!
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    yeah, pretty interesting feeling while under CBD
  8. Knightenno

    TOYOTA Techstream Ver.10.30.029

    With the latest driver update, there're problems with running the program itself and half of its functionality doesn't work. To get rid of this problem you'll need to clean your Windows registry. Here is a list of best free registry cleaner for Windows. After cleaning the registry, reinstall...
  9. Knightenno

    Solar powered water pump

    I have the same problem: the electric water pump consumes a lot of electricity. I'm gonna take a look at these solar powered ones
  10. Knightenno

    Splash Gaurd clips/pins

    bro but these are other kind of pins....
  11. Knightenno

    Shipping a car

    I can confirm that this company is the best one and you can trust them!
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    Hey, guys, has anyone traveled to Chile?
  13. Knightenno

    Bristle worms and fireworms

    I want to buy this worms with fish tank. Where I can find this worms?
  14. Knightenno

    Instagram followers

    I have a good corolla instagram account and I need more followers for it. How I can do this?
  15. Knightenno

    Greetings from New Jersey!

    Congratulatuons,excelent buy
  16. Knightenno

    Hello new member here

    Hello,you're welcome
  17. Knightenno

    Hey from Boston, MA!!

    Nice vehicle,you're welcome