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    Auto shut off. 2020 Toyota

    Well, I have twice in my life locked the keys in the car with the motor running. Knowing the engine was going to keep running until I got it unlocked *did* make the problem seem worse. After the second time, I put a spare key in my wallet. No more problems after that - I locked the key in...
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    2017 Toyota corolla socket won't go on plugs

    Just a guess, here, but I'd expect you'd need metric.
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    2017 Corolla: Does your right leg fall asleep?

    It sounds like this particular car seat is defective. My 2018 LE has nothing like this going on, I've never heard of it anywhere else.
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    New 2020 Corolla

    That front grill is an improvement over the 2018 LE I have, which is even worse. Mine is just super fugly. But yes, in general, the "big mouth" look is fugly. Some dipshit trying to be "radical" and "different" came up with that shit.
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    Opinion on this certified 2019 Corolla?

    Somebody on the other forum bought a low-mileage car and it was a complete nightmare for him. That car didn't just need repairs, it needed an exorcism.
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    You might find this of interest:
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    New Corolla (hatch) 2019 official

    Love the greater HP engine - I'm seriously envious of that, although practically speaking, I'm not having problems with what I have. Liking that the number of CVT shift points have been increased from 6 or 7 or whatever they are, to 10 - hoping they are much less noticeable. Hope they...
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    How often do you S-Owners use Sport mode?

    If you're referring to the way it seems to shift gears during hard accelration, like a normal automatic, with the tachometer going up and down, those are generally called "fake shift points". The normal function of just changing the ratio of input to output, via manual input or automatically, I...
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    Massive thread about vibrations in that range, various degrees, some claiming it's normal, others saying no.
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    Klebinek is right. SuperchargedMR2, have you ever gotten a blowjob while driving stick? I have, and it's really awkward.
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    I want to increase my New Corolla 1.8 HP...

    Seems like it took them quite a while to get that CVT stuff right.
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    Transmission type?
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    I want to increase my New Corolla 1.8 HP...

    Are those Nissan CVTs from recent years?
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    Better performance?

    I would so love to be able to do this.
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    Better performance?

    CVTs don't have gears. Also, can you give the source of those RPM numbers? I'd previously heard speculation that the update limited power/rpm at low speeds and/or at torque converter lockup. (Unless you are speaking of a separate update. other than J0D/JSD.)
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    Increase hp on 2016 toyota corolla s

    I'll bet this cripples the aerodynamics of the car, though - I'd guess (and it would be just a guess) less mpg, maybe even lower top speed. (I tried running with one of the windows open - not good at highway speed, loud and turbulent - unpleasant. If my A/C goes out, I'm toast.) But if all...
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    2018 LE, w/ CVT, closing in on 9000 miles. No issues so far, except for some microscopic cracks/flaws/whatever in the windshield that are almost always completely invisible. This thread is great! :) All the other threads make me worry about problems I may have some day! o_O
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    2017 LE Interior Rattles?

    I'm just reading this now, but gotta love this: So they had a "quieting kit" for the rattle that nobody ever heard of. Lovely!
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    Most of us Probably have a "Recall" (CVT)

    Besides the update, they also test to see if any damage has already been done by the original software. If so, they fix that, too - all free.
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    battery replaced yet?

    My previous car was a 2002 Chevy Prizm (Corolla in drag). The battery seemed to die one day at 10 years of age - but by turning off the A/C and all other accessories, I was still able to drive home, then to the store to get a new battery. (I loved that car. It never stranded me once. It was 17...