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    97 corrola speedo quit

    if that doesn't work, I have a cluster from a 93 DX manual trans for sale- 133kMiles on the odometer.
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    97 Alternator belt keeps popping off

    yep, you're going to need to have the tension correct and the pulleys need to be in alignment...
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    Car lighter and radio doesn't work. Help!

    if they both went out at the same time it likely is a fuse. couldn't hurt to swap that fuse just in case it looks good but isn't. thats a good 1 minute sanity check. Hopefully you're not in a situation where a wire has severed.
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    gas tank on a 95

    If you need a tank, i have one from a 93 in good shape for sale - 50 bucks- in annapolis, md
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    should start a -for sale- forum

    nuff said!
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    *****For Sale Forum*****

    1993-97 Wheel & Tire package for sale near Annapolis, MD 390.00 Put approx. 1200 miles on these before the rear brake line ruptured near home and decided not to fix car anymore (engine was consuming more oil lately anyway). So parts from this car are now for sale! Wheels- Vision Cross...
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    what type model are OEM spark plugs for 07 corolla

    I've had 2 sets of Bosch fusion iridium plugs fail, one was due to detonation... maybe they run too hot and if you consider getting them, run a step colder?