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    2004 Corolla rear brake noise

    I also have this problem on my 2006. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Lights behind temperature control doesn't work

    I haven't looked at it very closely but this video might help...
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    Lights behind temperature control doesn't work

    This is of no help to you, but I have exactly the same problem (and the broken compartment flap too!). I found for a while there I could bang the panel and it would come back on - but that only worked for so long.
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    Oil Pan Gasket or Seal?

    I have a suspected oil leak around my oil pan so I'm going to take it off and re-seal it. Does anyone know if the seal should be provided with a gasket or should it be with that packing seal goop stuff? Can you use either? Is one more reliable than the other? Thanks for any advice.
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    Roof Garnish Removal 2006

    I'm wanting to remove the read side roof garnishes (the ones either side of the rear windshield inside the car). I'm sure it's just held on with clips but I am nervous about just shoving a screwdriver in there and braking something. Does anyone know a good technique for this? The reason for me...