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    That injen filter on hps pipe. Lol
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum
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    How much mileage is my car suppose to give me?

    Divide the gallons added at fill up from empty, divided into your mileage driven on that tank. Keep in mind altitude, road conditions (mountain or flat), driving style and even know quality of fuel all play a role in mpg
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    Advice Please!

    A dealership would be liable for the sale... Chances are this was a private party sale, in which case, you may not have any lawful claims.
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    TRD exhaust

    Cat back systems require no adjustmemt to tuning. They retain all sensors, and converters.
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    '11 rear bumper on a '09

    I guess I can expect to find this lug post on EVERY SINGLE POST in thus forum????
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    Resale value

    I'm all for the simple, lower cost things before any car sale. Painting a hose before a sale didn't prompt the buyer to ask why you painted it... Because it needed it and added value. New tires (even cheaper ones) , break pads, tune up parts, all add a bit of resale value and help the sale...
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    TTE exhaust Corolla E12

    Exhaust temperature and corrosive elements are only differences I can think of... And any stainless or other material exhaust should be suitable to either
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    Best tires?

    There is no best tire. All tires are suited for a specific purpose... Are you looking for grip in snow? Rain? All season? Most mileage? Or, I assume, pure summer tire with the best dry grip.
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    18in wheel and tires

    Reciprocating mass is real... But if your corolla isn't headed to the track or drag strip add any size you want. The corolla will actually carry a +2 from the original size. So you can easily to up to 19" wheel. And if money is no option, there are brands of wheels out there larger and...
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    Noob wants to supe up his 2011

    In all sincerity, use the search function for those most common topics... There are endless posts on the subject, and it's hard to get peoples opinions over and over on this... Good luck on creating "the fasted corolla out there".
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    Haha! I'm actually with you in many of your opinions... Fancy intake/exhaust/etc often do more harm than good... Particularly without proper tunes to bring them all together
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    Starting a Corolla club in south Florida

    For a Florida Car club all Carola's must be on a floatation device...
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    Even tho finalgear seams to hate every "performance upgrade for the corolla there is...his words hold water. You cannot start changing air/fuel, intake, exhaust (header) and expect a smooth running car especially on a stock tune. At the least a reflash of the ecu is in order. This holds true on...
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    NEED HELP!! Looking for a programmer!!!

    The R&D of programming, like anything else, is based on consumer want/need. Meaning there are lots of programmers for WRX, Mustangs, etc...and probably a lot less for Corolla, Sentra etc. To answer your question I don't know if one...but they might be hard to find...I'm sure someone is itching...
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    The thought behing lowering springs "blowing out" your struts has some truth...but it is misworded. When you lower the car on factory struts, there travel is lessened , obviously, since they are now slightly compressed. It's more accurate to say the need replacement sooner than they would...
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    GAS Prices going UP

    If I wanted to run liquid gold in my car, nobody should care...each owner is going to pamper or treat their car as they wish. People change oil at 3000 miles, why? People wax their cars , why? People repair body damage, why? None of these things effect the mechanical function. It's because of...
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    HPS intake

    They are tested by the manufacturer writing a check to the state of California to pass their CARB is a joke
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    Oil catch cans

    This is a factual statement...and all the real data you could ever need is on the internet. And oil catch can or oil separator or any other name you can give it is used to catch or trap any oil that makes it's way back into the intake due to added pressure or boost of a turbo charged engine. Now...
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    Oil catch cans

    Useless on a non turbo charged