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    16 Corolla S CVT - MORE POWERRRR

    yes actually but not as much as I wanted ill probably see what else I can add to make this thing faster
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    Corolla CVT

    yes this is the kind of things that makes building cars so much fun because people always say it will never be fast the a few months later you show them how wrong they were :)
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    Corolla CVT

    Is there any aftermarket parts for the CVT to make it handle more power and torque?
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    cvt concern

    yes I had the update done and a month after the car started shifting hard then I got in it one morning for work put it in reverse pressed the gas and the car didn't move the engine still revved but the car wouldn't move and it wouldn't go past 20 mph going straight
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    spark plug replacement

    yes I would recommend changing them at 100,000 miles I changed mine at 80,000 miles just to be safe I used the NGK coil pack on mine way better then stock and no issues plus comes with 3 year warranty
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    spark plug replacement

    I replaced mine at 75,000 miles so I would recommend it
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    Rims and tire swap

    I put after market wheels on mine but im sure it should fit at long as the rims and tires are the same size
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    2016 Corolla CVT Transmission Failure

    mine went out at 80.000 mies it cost 9300$ to fix
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    cvt concern

    I had my CVT go out at 80,000 miles it is very true I had mine replaced but it really depends on how far you drive I travel a lot for work so mine went out pretty quick
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    P1349 code and cylinder 1 piston might have a hole?

    it could possibly be there is a hole or the injector gave to much gas which made compression ratio raise and you messed up the arms in the block
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    CVT 7-speed sport sequential shiftmatic mode issue

    it does it electronically so it could be a flaw in judgment of speed iv never had this issue with mine so I would recommend taking it back to the dealership for inspection
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    Keys stuck ignition

    it could be your not putting it in park all the way mine does it sometimes or your ignition switch needs dry lube
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    *****For Sale Forum*****

    ill boy the driver seat and front lip
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    2014 Toyota Corolla S radio rebooth

    it could be your constant 12v wire behind the radio going bad or the pin is loose I had this issue and I replaced the wire never had a issue again
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    thanks for all the help guys ill probably just trade the car in for a manual corolla
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    iv done to much work to the car to just sell it so im wanting to swap it any idea of a kit for it?
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    Save the 6 speed!

    so theres no way to swap it? I know it would be easier to trade but id rather build it myself
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    Save the 6 speed!

    is there a way to swap the CVT to MT ? or kit
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    For the 2017 Corolla is the green lane departure icon always supposed to be on?

    yes that's normal my car has the same thing. it does get annoying at times