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  1. Rollarican

    Front creaking noise over bumps

    I have. I found out a lower control arm bushing was worn so I replaced both control arms. They came complete with the bushings and ball joint.
  2. Rollarican

    Break squeak

    Cleaning the brakes is a temporary fix. The brake dust will eventually reappear. If you're experiencing excessive brake dust then you might want to upgrade the quality of your pads and/or shoes. Also check if the calipers are "hanging" (pads rubbing on the rotors when the brakes are NOT...
  3. Rollarican

    Engine Swap

    Save yourself some money and headaches and do some homework on a 1zzfe swap to a 2zzge. There are tons of mods for the 2zzge which will surpass the efforts and outcome of that 3.8 swap. Have fun with your project.
  4. Rollarican

    Alternator upgrade and Big 3 cable upgrade ideas?

    I'm in the process of choosing a complete audio system upgrade but I want to tackle the charging system before I buy my new sound system. I'm going to run about 2000 watts of power between 2 amps. I read that a 160 amp direct bolt alternator upgrade (which is offered everywhere) should be...