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    Oil leak-what areas to look for 2001 Corolla

    I got oil spotting on the tar on a 2001 Corolla with 135,000 miles on it. I am trying to locate the area it is coming from. Seems wetter on passenger side back of engine near top, and looks like it seeps and runs down to oil pan area and then drips on ground. I ruled out oil pan plug and...
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    AC light flashing on 2001 Corolla

    Update, I had a friend start the car and turn on the ac and I watched closely. It appears the belt was slipping some and I sprayed a little belt conditioner and ac now works. Plan to change the belts soon.
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    AC light flashing on 2001 Corolla

    When I turn on my ac button the green light flashes and no ac. I can hear it trying to kick in and it drops the rpms some. I was told this may be a faulty magnetic ac relay switch? Or even a bad ac compressor. This is an automatic and there are two fuse boxes up near the battery but not sure how...
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    leak on passenger side front floor 2001 Corolla

    I will have to check this drain plug and see if this is the cause. I still love this Corolla as they are well made. Still looks great being 15 years old.
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    leak on passenger side front floor 2001 Corolla

    My front passenger side floor is wet under the mat. It seems to happen after a rain but not certain as it does not have time to dry up before it rains again. I am thinking it is a rain issue. Where would I start to find this leak? I am getting the anti freeze flushed in two weeks, so plan to...
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    black carbon on 2001 Toyota LE tailpipe and oil consumption

    I am quite sure I got the dreaded Corolla oil consumption issue for the 2001 model. I put in about quart and a half every 1000 miles, seems worse in winter. I noticed some black carbon on the tail pipe, not greasy just carbon. Is this a sign it burns oil? Can't find any leak underneath, dry as a...
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    key would not turn in ignition until shifted to neutral

    I own a 2001 Corolla LE. This morning I got in the car and put the key in but it would not turn out of lock position. I tried depressing the brake and no help. So, I tried to shift the car to neutral and back to park, and then the key unlocked and all was fine. Why would this happen?? I am...
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    2001 Corolla Oil Consumption questions

    My son has his first car, a Corolla 2001 LE at 120,000 miles. He bought it last June, so he has had it almost 8 months. It seems to consume about one extra quart of oil per 1000 miles. No leaks underneath. I am wondering if it is because it is a smaller engine so consumes faster or is the sludge...
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    2001 Corolla - Drivers Side Exterior Door Handle Wont Work

    I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla LE and the following happened. I wanted to lock the driver's door. I did not have the key with me, so I push down the lock button on the inside and then lifted the door handle to lock it. Well, as I lifted the door handle I heard a click sound and now the door wont...
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    Front Bumper Cover Parts Question

    I recently got a 2001 Corolla LE in good condition. One question I got is the front bumper. It is a second bumper on it from a fender new. I bought black plastic fog light covers for the sides to cover the small holes and they fit perfect. But was wondering if there is another...
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    2001 Small Oil Leak Top of Motor Near Alternator

    I noticed a small oil leak in my Toyota Corolla 2001 LE. Appears to be top or near top of the engine on right side nearer to the front and a few inches behind the alternator. Just moist, get a few drops oil wiping with tissue paper. God knows how long its been like that. Dry as bone on bottom...
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    Dashboard Circuit Board Problem

    I am going to do that. Seems a bit odd.
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    Dashboard Circuit Board Problem

    My left side of the driver's dashboard won't light up. I took it to a local repair shop and they said it is not a blown bub, but the circuit board is bad, at least on the left side. I got lights on right side, so can see well enough to drive at night. Should I get a second opinion? I did call...
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    Dashboard Bulb Replacement

    It looks like one left side dashboard bulb light is out. Is this easy to fix, or best to take to mechanic? I watched a few youtube videos on it, and looks like a 15 minute job for an experienced person. Videos say there are 3 bulbs behind the dashboard. I am almost certain just the one on...
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    Can You Repair a Broken Armrest Lid

    On a 2001 Corolla LE the center console arm rest lid is broke on one side so it is floppy. I am having some trouble finding this part at local junk yards and even on Ebay. I did find one at a junk yard but it was 2002 model and to my surprise it was a bit shorter than the one in my 2001...
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    Timing Belt or Timing Chain?

    Does a 2001 Corolla LE have the timing belt or timing chain? After doing some searching online looks like a timing chain?? So, does this ever need to be changed? Most cars I've own used a timing belt except for a minivan. Not sure which is best in the long run.
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    Plastic Front Inner Fender Well Question

    i bought a used 2001 Corolla LE and in good shape with only a few cosmetic issues. Around the tire black plastic cover is torn off and needs a new one. Is this called the Plastic Front Inner Fender Well? It is on the right passenger side front. Also, is it easy to replace? Looks like some tabs...
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    2001 Corolla Foglight Covers

    I recently bought a 2001 Corolla Ce sedan that has a new bumper in the front. All good shape except no fog light covers on each side. So a hole right now. I found them selling on Ebayfor $25 each side, and are they easy to put in? And are they necessary to protect radiator,etc or mostly for...