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  1. DAVID williamson

    Roof Racks

    Super sweet setup
  2. DAVID williamson

    New LED high beams

    I’m really stoked to find these. If I may add that I upgraded my fog lamps and they are sick. Thanks for your info I’m ordering!!!!
  3. DAVID williamson

    Roof Racks

    Yakima. Just put a set of jet streams on the rolla and it really looks fantastic.
  4. DAVID williamson

    Aftermarket Leather interior

    Hello, I am thinking about having a custom black/tan leather interior installed by katskin at tax refund time very soon. Also would like to inquire if Toyota makes a factory Anyone had any type of leather work done in their rolla? Just curious, and thanks
  5. DAVID williamson

    Seat removal- 2016 LE

    Hi everyone I have a question. Does anyone know about how to remove the front seats from an LE? I want to be especially careful due to the airbags in the seats. I’m planning on installing a heated seat and possibly a massage kit before Katskin re does the seat upholstery. Thanks for your help!
  6. DAVID williamson

    How many miles do you have so far??

    2016 LE with 13,214 miles
  7. DAVID williamson

    front and back end creaking sound

    Thanks for posting this thread. I’m having the exact same noise on my 16 LE
  8. DAVID williamson

    How many miles do you have so far??

    2016 LE, I’m the second owner, had her 2 days. Really love it, 6300 miles.
  9. DAVID williamson

    Bought my first Corolla today- need help with fog lights pls.

    Hi everyone! Bought a 2016 LE today, delivery this weekend!!! and I would love to find the brightest and best LED fog light setup for the car. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. DAVID williamson

    Tread wear on the S Plus Tires..

    Hello!! I an interested in this 2015 s plus premium that is for sale several hours from where I live... it has 31k miles and the guy was honest with me during our conversation and told me that it was very close to needing new tires. He sent me a pic of them at my request and I was wondering is...
  11. DAVID williamson

    2015 S foglight bulb replacement

    Just curious about replacing fog light bulbs to white LEDs. I want some BRIGHT ones. Any ideas or experience? Thank you
  12. DAVID williamson

    S Owners Please. Need your help.

    The used car market in Asheville North Carolina it’s tough right now. At this point would be willing to to fly out and drive the car back ( within a days drive )I can just find one at a decent price.
  13. DAVID williamson

    S Owners Please. Need your help.

    Maaaan thanks for all of the replies!!!!!!
  14. DAVID williamson

    S Owners Please. Need your help.

    ALMOST BOUGHT ONE TODAY!!!!!! 2015 S plus 6 speed/ sunroof- with 50,000 miles. $15,400 is the offer on the table. REALLY do like it, but do you think I can do better? Dealer did EVERYTHING he could today to make the sale, but I wanted to sit on it a day or 2. How much did you pay for yours...
  15. DAVID williamson

    NEW To forum, need buying advice..there will be an S in my driveway very soon.

    I would have bought that thing on the spot. Do you know if he bought it from a private party, craigslist, etc??
  16. DAVID williamson

    Aftermarket head unit

    The 9903 S is pretty badass. I just researched it. What features did that head unit have that you were looking for?
  17. DAVID williamson

    Aftermarket head unit

    Thanks for posting your pics!!!