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    How to reduce Idling speed on corolla 08 automatic?

    Hello, mine is idling at 800rpm when fully warmed with ac,heater,music,lights Off. i beleive the ldling should be 600-800. i am thinking to decrease to 600 to save fuel. even on stop sign, red light, it idle at 800, i think 200rpm are pretty enough to burn more fuel so that's why i think to...
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    Corolla 09 error code P0705

    I was driving on highway cruising on 80Km and when i tried to increase the speed using Cruising button, the engine rpm increase suddenly 2K to 4-5K, I slow down the véhicule and stopped completly on side, as soon I shifted the lever from D to N, the engine shutoff conpletly and restart...
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    08 corolla automatic transmission fluid check manual

    i could not find the info in the book downloaded, how to check automatic transmission fluid, at what level should it be. i read somewhere on internet when engine cold check the fluid level and it should be between two knotch at stick. so i did and discover the fluid is over than two knotch even...
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    Corolla 2008 hesitation problem

    not yet changed, can you explain me how come engine hesitate only in cold but not when it reach his normal temperture?
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    Corolla 2008 hesitation problem

    i have corolla 2008 with automatic transmission, it start well and run also. there are hesitation on idling position and when stopped on red light or stop signe. when fully hot the rpm are 800RPM. it is pretty normal. i have cleaned throttle body, and mas with right product. sometime i am...
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    How much can lift weight Corolla 2008

    how much weight can lift corolla 2008 except his own weight? I have basic trim with automatic tranny. And should drive 250km to pick up my order and come back with 350kg order weight.