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  1. charli55

    Instagram followers

    This is a good question by the way. In my opinion, you should first ask yourself why do you want to get more followers. For example, I bought over ten thousand Instagram followers, but I knew exactly why am I doing this so why do you need more followers. For example, I have a business, and I...
  2. charli55

    Corolla 2010 S best time to sell

    Hey there guys, please don’t criticize me, I’m not that old, but really I miss times when cars were cars and parts were made with premium quality that lasted long enough, for many decades. Now, I see that companies make cars and the real money comes from spare parts. I can purchase myself some...
  3. charli55

    Custom Trunk Floor

    Looks nice but pretty messy, would change the color that will match the car or that speaker, because it looks like you removed from the kitchen, without offense. There are many ways to make it good, depends on if you are interested in it. This guide...
  4. charli55

    11thgenfam test shirt is done

    The shirt is not bad, the graphic design is simple but cool. It’s not too big to attract all the attention from the surrounding and at the same time it’s not so small. From my side I have 9 out of 10, because there is everything you need to know and nothing additional that is excess. I like...
  5. charli55

    E140 License Plate Screw Size

    Don’t take them from Walmart, they are easy to get rusty after a few rainy days. After a Few months with one easy hit, they will feel off. By hit, I mean that I tested with a screwdriver, trying to remove some rust after using wd-40. The same thing happens here in London with daily rains. Had...
  6. charli55

    Budget kitchen

    Everyone knows me as a fan of the fancy restaurants, but not everyone knows that I am in love with mashed potatoes. I don’t know what attracts me, because they seem so simple to cook, and this product that is as simple as the recipes of it, but anyway. Recently I was looking for a good hand...
  7. charli55

    2020 SE manual: mechanical/electrical noise when car is off

    I think there can be problems with the battery, only this thing can make noise if the car is off. It is like a simple laptop or phone charger, if it is out of the laptop but inside the socket, than it starts to make noise. It is not that bad but anyways I think that car is car and you need to go...
  8. charli55

    A Toyota Corolla and 3 kids- crazy talk?

    There is a big problem with the baby seats in the car. With our first baby, me and my husband bought a seat for the car, and a stroller. Honestly, we faced different problems so we decided that our second child will have a Baby Jogger that is convertible, easy to use, it has high quality, and...
  9. charli55

    Racing with a Corolla S

    I also like racing, but I haven't tried a race yet. I like everything about racing and even to play racing games. I think the first time I started to like races, I was about ten years old, and I went with my father to a race. There I saw so many cool cars and wonderful drivers. Especially I was...
  10. charli55

    Check out the 11th Gen FB group!

    I wonder, does it work the same way even now? And one more question - is there a way to make the same stuff for Instagram? Not so long ago I accidentally deleted one very important discussion. I became popular and now people send me interesting stuff in Direct. One of my friends told me how to...
  11. charli55

    Racing games

    Where can I find some more info?
  12. charli55

    Racing games

    Try Forza Horizon 4. BTW, thanks for sharing. My bro plays Overwatch. I think this is the stuff he needs.
  13. charli55

    Racing games

    I like racing games too. I've been played in Nfs that were on the Playstation one in my childhood. I liked that time because I've spent it with my friends since we played in split-screen mode a lot in Nfs. However, with time, when my friends have been moved away from my city, I decided to play...
  14. charli55

    Solar powered water pump

    Someone has one of them? I'm building a fountain in the backyard and saving on energy will be nice. The only problem is that I'm not sure if they are as powerful as the electricity powered ones:)
  15. charli55

    My mum wont stop (gambling)

    Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
  16. charli55

    Guys! i got a job at TOYOTA DTLA! :)

    How did you get that job? I send them my application several times and they have never come back to me. Probably you have a lot of experience in sales or high education in marketing. I don’t have any experience in sales, but I’m a keen Toyota lover. Currently I’m finishing my course on...
  17. charli55

    What insurance do you have?

    Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
  18. charli55


    There are a lot of places where u can find CBD gummies but not any of them can provide u pretty good quality. Actually, I really like CBD since this product has helped me with my health problems. I had migraines that made me unable to sleep properly. CBD helped me to cure a lot of heart attacks...
  19. charli55

    My mum wont stop (gambling)

    Ive jsut had a huge argument with my mother after catching her at the pub gambling again, Im so angry with her as we have almost lost our family home two years ago, due to her gambling habbits. My siblings wont speak to her and still she hits the pokies. Im 28 and she 61, she trys to...