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  1. mahewd

    AC (Cabin) Air Filter Change

    I like your video. Earlier, I went to the mechanic to change the cabin air filter and it was very costly for me. But now I know how to do it at home and for the last two times, I have done it on my own. I do it once a year. Currently, I am using FRAM CF10134 and it is totally new product to me...
  2. mahewd

    2017 corolla oil change interval

    I do it after 5K miles.
  3. mahewd

    2018 Corolla Burning Smell and Smoke From Underneath Car

    There are a lot of reasons behind white smoke. It may cause because of- internal coolant leak cracked cylinder head faulty fuel injector faulty piston broken fuel pumping injection To know more about it, and the solution in detail, you can read this blog.
  4. mahewd

    HeadLight replacement

    The minimum lifespan of a good headlight is 20000 hrs.
  5. mahewd

    Need suggestions for car covers

    I use one by Leader Accessories. It is designed to use for both indoor and outdoor.
  6. mahewd

    You favorite wash and wax products?

    You can try Carfidant car wax kit. In the recent past, it is doing well.
  7. mahewd

    Oil change frequency

    Toyota recommends to change synthetic oil every 7,500 - 10,000 miles. As you have 2500 miles in 8 month, of course, you can.
  8. mahewd

    Long Life Brake Fluid?

    As I know, a standard brake fluid has a recommended change interval of two years. As a brake fluid, Motul is a trusted name and it also recommends to change it every two years. But currently, I am using Bosch ESI6-32N. I haven't change it yet, but it's recommended change interval is up to 3 years.
  9. mahewd

    Instagram followers

    Why are you not mentioning the link!
  10. mahewd

    How to find out right headlight bulbs for your vehicle?

    The best idea is to check the owner's manual.
  11. mahewd

    Oil filter wrench?

    I also want to recommend you to try Motivx oil filter wrench. The first thing is that it is specially made for Toyota. Secondly, it is working well for me. And finally, it is sure that it is a durable one because of it's high-quality 6061 T5 aluminum.