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    Steering Drifts in Windy Conditions

    Nope, you got the right car -- most/all 2011 Corollas dance around in the wind. Mine does, everyones' does, though there are those who will deny it.
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    Steering Drifts in Windy Conditions

    From what I know about steering fixtures, I doubt that a brace would fix that "loose steering" situation. I believe those are two, not-directly-related, mechanisms. But others may disagree. Hope they chime in.
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    Steering Drifts in Windy Conditions

    I had the same problem about drifting from day 1. It's not THAT bad, but definitely noticeable, and as yours, my car drives straight and true otherwise. All these comments about tires and alignment are off the mark. They're not seeing the question!!! I suppose I'll just live with it, as you...
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    2011 New Owner

    Good choice, Molon..... I've had them all over the last 50+ years, and my current Corolla LE, 2011, rocks.
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    This is a known and common problem on all 2011 Corollas, although many people who own them don't realize that there is a problem or a cure for it. Read up on it at There's a LOT of info there, and it confirms your problem. Read...
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    Corolla Fuel Efficiency

    I get around 35 MPG in a mixed in-town and highway driving scenario. Not bad.
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    2010 Toyota Corolla S - Brand New Car - ECM Already Replaced

    Yes, be concerned! During the warranty period, run the devil out of the car in all different scenarios and conditions. Try to break it within reason and see what happens. Yours may be a one-time condition which is now fixed. But again, press to test!!
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    2011 Toyota Corolla Accelerator Problems

    I also have this issue with my new 2011 Corolla LE, automatic. The RPMs jerk up and down when the car is simply cruising along, noticeably at speeds from 40 -- 60, maybe others. It seems like the auto tranny is searching for a stable setting between 3rd and 4th gear, as if hunting for it, back...
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    Changing the Oil Filter -- 2011 Corolla 1.8 L

    This may be an old subject, but new to me! I've read all the supposed horror stories about changing the filter element in the cannister-type oil filter assembly. Is it really that tough?? Do I simply need to buy a removal device to unscrew the filter cap, then simply remove and replace the...
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    Completely New Here - I Just Wished to Say Hey

    Same here, DriveAudio. I hope this forum is truly helpful! Will see.