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    2001 Corolla - Won't Move in Any Gear

    did you fill the trans back up with fluid ?? I know thats a stupid question but had to ask
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    This is My 7th Gen. AE102

    nice job I have a 93 also and it needs paint. that looks real nice. is it lowered? if so how much? and what size tires and wheels
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    Old Corolla

    I want to see it
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    Old Corolla

    I dont think I have ever seen one of those
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    1999 Corolla - Rims Heating Up?

    bad brake caliper or hose could be holding pressure on the pads. jack it up ans spin the wheels to see if they spin freely. then hit the brakes and release and see if the wheel still spins freely that will tell you usually. do it with 2 people
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    Speedometer Problems

    my speedo goes up to 35 mph then it comes back down to 0 as you speed up. my question is. is it a problem with the cluster or the vss speed sensor. oh ita a 93 auto and the odometer seems to work normaly