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  1. I2k4

    1,3 xli E10 engine hickup

    Maybe somebody else owns your car. It looks like you're focused on engine performance as opposed to drive train linkage problems. Before my 97's time, but on my older cars engines I'd be looking at checking compression and ignition timing and cleaning the fuel injector. Before getting...
  2. I2k4

    Stupid Stereo Question...

    I had an aftermarket unit shop-installed to get a CD player, with no problems using the switched power. With the best intentions, an always-on power drain that requires human switching is likely to cause a dead battery at some very lousy time. I've only had a couple of instances of fuses...
  3. I2k4

    98 -02 engine swap

    Looks like you posted to the wrong subsection of this forum - there is a 1998 - 2002 subsection. 1997 was the last model year for the earlier iteration of Corolla.
  4. I2k4

    93 corolla only accelerates good if you change gears manually

    You don't say how long you've owned it and whether current performance is a recent change. My '97 Corolla has a five-speed and low mileage, but I kept couple of American cars with automatics going through deteriorating seals and smoothing jerky shifts with those ATF helpers. In particular I...
  5. I2k4

    1997 LE - Left Rear Electronic Door Lock Not Working

    Pleased to find what seems to be an active forum for these cars. My low mileage '97 LE has electronic door locks / window controls from the driver's seat. Recently the left rear lock won't operate from there or when the right side door is keyed (normally locks/unlocks all doors). I can...