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    Tire Pressure

    I was just curious - because in terms of expressing an 'OK range' - the tire pressure would want to be somewhere between the car's factory sticker number as the minimum and maximum inflation pressure on the sidewall of the tire as the maximum. So your aim for "32 or a bit more" is right on...
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    CVT Transmission Service

    The name "drain & fill" would seem to mean just what it says: Pan and it's contents removed, trans filter and gasket replaced, pan re-secured, fluid level topped up. As opposed to a "transmission flush" or "power flush" transmission service at the dealer or mechanic shop. I have yet to do my...
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    2014 Corolla s CVT behavior

    If the ATF fluid level is correct I would want a transmission expert to inspect and diagnose. It seems to me that a jerk taking off is either a pressure valve sticking or maybe more likely to a pressure not coming up to actuation pressure fast enough. Of course, because I am a cheap bastard...
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    Tire Pressure

    Where did you get the 32 number from? From the door post sticker or the tire sidewall ? I ask because the factory (doorpost) numbers tend to be focused on ride/comfort rather than on tire/chassis performance and extended tire life. Whatever The number - if it were me - I would inflate to...
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    Reupholster center armrest in 2014 LE ?

    Interior came as cream/yellow fabric. It stained a lot (sloppy girls! <g>) so I changed to leather. How does the lid for the center armrest come apart to replace the fabric? I took the whole lid off to work on it in the house but there are no screws on the bottom. It must snap together...
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    How many miles do you have so far??

    I have a 2014 Corolla LE and it just now turned over 55,000 - right before Christmas 2021. Of course I have a 2007 Tacoma looking at 200,000 <g> PHM -------
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    Random miss fire codes..

    Which spark plugs and coils does a 2014 1.8 Corolla like?
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    Maybe it's an LE I have? I do know that it's not an S. <g>
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    2014 Corolla SE - just this week turned to 40,000 miles. Maybe we should ask who has the Least miles - rather than the Most? <g>
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    1993 - Charging the A/C - is There a High Idle Solenoid?

    How much should I expect to pay for Amsoil ? I run Mobil 1 in all my Toyotas but I run my Tacoma especially hard and fast and have been thinking about switching it to Amsoil. I think it takes a 5W20 weight. You see this stuff - how much should I expect to pay per quart? PHM ------
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    Need Help With 1995 Compressor Belt Adjusment

    I have the whole bracket soaking in PB Blaster With the bracket off and a new idler ready to go on I'm not afraid of damaging the rubber bits. I would have worked on it more already but I had to make a tool to hold the crankshaft still - while I use a ten foot pipe on the crankshaft bolt's...
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    Inlet Hose Replacement? Help

    Did you ever get the clamp off ? Phm ------
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    2006 - I Need to Replace the Entire Rear Body - What Years Will Fit?

    Last week we put it on the frame rack Last week we put it on the rack and started pulling. It's pretty amazing how much of it pulled out. The kinks in the rear pillars and all. I ordered a right rear 3/4 which is supposed to be here this week. The rest after market - so we'll see how it all...
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    Newbie Here and I Do Mean Newbie

    Check to see if the mirror is loose Check the play of the left mirror as versus the left mirror. PHM ------
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    1994 Problems

    Stop - let's think about this for a minute: 1. Car ran OK 2. Washed the engine with water 3. Car doesn't run OK Hmmmm . . . . let me think here . . . . Oh! Maybe it's still wet? <g> Park it in the sun with the hood up. Arrange a big fan to blow on the engine. Wait a day or two...
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    Need Help With 1995 Compressor Belt Adjusment

    I wish somebody had answered you - I wish someone had answered you - because now I have the same questions about my 1993. <g> The adjustment screw is right above the A/C compressor and faces the front of the car. It's "up" at about a 45º angle. But what secures the idler assembly is the...
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    Will a 2006 A/C Comp. Fit a 1993 ?

    No it won't - Phm -------
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    Stock Tire Size

    Two sizes were stock for that car - The car was available with either 175-65R14 or 185-65R14 So the fronts are right and the rears are technically wrong. I have a 1993 and installed 185-75R14 - because they are taller than 65's. I was hoping to improve the gas mileage and I think I...
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    Some Help With Part Numbers

    The pump for my 1993 1.6 came without the pulley And now that I am thinking about it - I have never bought a water pump which came with a pulley. Are you missing the pulley or something? For the bolt - take out the remaining bolt and take it to the hardware store - or drive to the...
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    Can't Find Power Steering Reservoir Anywhere

    Why not fix the old one ? Clean and prep the area around the hole and use J/B Weld to patch the hole. PHM ------