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  1. CorollaKid

    Trading Up Not Always Worth It

    So I bought a 2015 Corolla LE Eco new back in June of 2015. It's the picture in my profile. I drove it until October 2019, putting about 120,000 miles on. Totally reliable, trouble free and a pleasure to own (inexpensive to run and inexpensive to maintain). I always wanted an Avalon and had...
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    Premium Package

    Looks like there is a premium package available on the Corolla Hybrid for the Canadian market... Does anyone have any news or know if Toyota plans to offer a premium package here in the USA? I love the idea of a Corolla Hybrid, but I am...
  3. CorollaKid

    Tire Recommendations?

    I just ordered my second set of the very awesome Continental TrueContact Tour for my 2015 Rolla. I put on the first set at 38,000 miles. I just turned 105,000 miles today and ordered them from The first set gave me almost 70,000 miles of steady driving - just an excellent...
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    New 2020 Corolla

    Sure wish Toyota would put the new 2.0 liter engine and transmission into the XLE model....
  5. CorollaKid

    Expected repairs for 2010 Corolla after 300,000 kilometers?

    300,000km is about 186,000 miles... In my experience with higher mileage cars is that the engine itself (meaning the block, camshafts, crankshaft, pistons, valves) didn't need repair at that mileage, but rather, some of the other components began to fail. Your alternator replacement is a good...
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    Yeah, as a commuter, it's hard to beat. Reliable, efficient, and inexpensive to maintain. As an enthusiast's car, it just misses the mark as it was not designed to be that. Hard to be something that you just aren't designed for... With my unathletic body, I'm not going to be an Olympic track...
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    Sounds like a lot of stuff, Halfkoreanboy... I purposely waited to buy a 2015, figuring that the first model year of a new model might have a few kinks to work out. Even though it seems like a lot, none are major issues. I really feel fortunate with my 2015. About 103,000 miles now, and no...
  9. CorollaKid

    Looking for some easy to use OBD Tool for my Corolla BY 2017

    I've been using a ScanGuage for years. Very happy with the product.
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    Stinky A/C remedy

    So, I have a 2015 and noticed this, too. It smelled like moldy illness after I used the air conditioning and jumped back in the car and flipped on the AC again. I started to turn off the AC about 30 seconds prior to turning off the fan before exiting the car... I notice how much moisture was...
  11. CorollaKid

    floor mats

    Read this... It explains everything.
  12. CorollaKid

    Oil change frequency

    I change my oil at 10,000 mile intervals, per the instructions in the owner's manual. I drive about 26,000 per year, so it doesn't take very long to hit the 10,000 mile mark...
  13. CorollaKid

    On the fence, Prius or Corolla

    I agree with jolly. Hang onto the current Prius. If you really have to make a change, the 2020 'Rolla hybrid is pretty awesome. Personally, I'm in it for the long haul and plan to keep my Corolla for at least another 3 years, at which point I will give the car to my daughter. It will have...
  14. CorollaKid

    Fuel service

    Good article, jolly.... thanks for posting it. Hey, Estebanbarrera... What you just described is a phenomenon I call "STEALERship practices". I personally stick to the recommended services as outlined in the owner's manual and don't allow the dealer's front desk folks in the Service...
  15. CorollaKid

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    Just passed 100,000 miles. Runs like day one!
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    Transmission fluid change

    As I understand it, the conventional, 4-speed automatic requires a fluid change at 60,000. The CVT is considered to be a "sealed unit" and the fluid is intended to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Dealerships will "recommend" a great deal of frivolous services for your's a money...
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    What insurance do you have?

    I'm with AAA, too. House and cars. Can't beat the bundled prices for either. I have the 2015 Corolla and a 2012 Expedition insured for $101 per month for both.
  18. CorollaKid

    Tire Recommendations?

    Conti makes a quality product!