1. S

    Very Low idle in Cold Start

    Hi everyone, i have 1995 corolla 4afe engine. I have problems on the cold start, it feels like the engine is dying. and if i press the gas pedal it feels like hesitating to get the RPM up and to the point that it will. maybe about 400 rpm and then dies. sometimes, it stays on 500-600rpm during...
  2. G

    Geo Prizm EGR mystery

    Hey everyone long time lurker first time poster. I have a 1997 Geo Prizm with a 4AFE engine in it that's giving me the error code p0401 This engine appears to not have an EGR valve, VSV, or anything else installed though Anyone come across something like this? It's possible the engine or many...
  3. TwoA

    93 Frankenstein

    Here we go..! 93 Corolla fed emissions, originally had 1.8l now has 1.6l. 7afe ecm, harness, sensors, injectors, manifolds, etc. Car ran great for about a year (although fuel milage was not super at approx 25-28 mpg), now throwing a code 52 knock sensor code (still running smooth but with loss...
  4. prashant

    manual 4afe 4wd -

    ive got a AE104 corolla wagon with a 4wd 4afe. i was wondering if i can put any 4age 20v or will i need one out of a 4wd car, and if i do get any 4age 20v what modifications will i have to do to make it fit and will i have to change my ECU n loom?
  5. B

    4afe trans options

    So heres the story. I have 97 with 4afe and 5 speed. I recently lost 3rd and 2nd is finnicky already. Id like to swap trans but, the 92 and prior seem to have a longer first gear which i would like, seeing as im under 4k rpm shifting and shes out of her power band. This car is my daily driver...
  6. 1

    1990 Corolla Engine Knocks

    I have a 1990 Toyota Corolla 4a-fe and the motor is kocking top end and low end. i need to know what is the best corse of action as to getting this vehical back on the road.