1. I

    2011 Toyota Corolla S AVAILABLE FOR SALE 240 amp HIGH OUTPUT OUTPUT ALternator from Mechman

    I got a high output alternator from Mechman that is literally 1 week of use on it and the car got rear ended. I switched cars after and I have no Use for this. It has been sitting around for a year catching DUST. I have purchase paperwork and everything. Anybody looking for a highoutput...
  2. W

    I need to know how much I can push my Corolla.

    I have a 2014 Corolla S Plus 7speed. I want to know how much power the transmission and the engine handles without braking, I don't want to mess with the internals I want to leave it as It is, but in other hand I don't mind if I have to change my clutch. I already have it straight piped but the...
  3. K

    2016 Toyota Corolla LE radio black screen

    Hello. The other day I plugged a charger into my usb/aux port in my corolla, and as soon as I did I heard static and the radio screen went black and the usb outlet isn’t working now either. The cigarette lighter still works though. I have looked online for someone who has had the same problem...
  4. M

    I want to upgrade my toyota corolla from 1987 with 12V 1.3 engine

    Hello guys! i have question I want to upgrade my toyota from 1987 with 12V 1.3L carburetor engine, I want to upgrade turbo is that even possible? or mybe can I install engine head from different model mybe with 16V and another intake manifold and carburetor, If someone have any idea what to do...
  5. L

    Help fix my body roll

    So I’m new to forums and this is my first time using one, I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla S as a first car and a daily driver, when I take turns on streets I’ve noticed that she has a tendency to have quite noticeable body roll at or above 10mph, nothing dangerous but definitely annoying, I was...
  6. E

    2003 Toyota Corolla 1 Filament turn signals

    Hello, today I failed inspections and can not legally drive my car. It failed due to one filament working on the turn signals. When I turn the car on with the running lights, one filament is working. When I turn on a turn signal, the one filament flashes only. If you take a voltmeter to the...
  7. T

    Custom Taillights

    Does anyone know where I could find custom taillights for the 2018 toyota corolla LE?
  8. W

    Hoping someone can help. Dire need of help... 09 VVT cam gear change

    Last week the VVT cam gear started chattering on cold starts. I changed the cam gear out yesterday and got it finished today but when I started it the check engine light, VSC off light and traction control lights all came on and idling erratically. I shut it off and went to start it again and it...
  9. D

    2015 Corolla won't start, few hours later starts up

    This morning my mom got in her car to go to work and the car wouldn't start. She said it was dead, didn't turn over at all. I went out to jump it about 5 hours later and before jumping it or anything I got it to start. I turned it over and it gurgled a little then started normally. I let it run...
  10. T

    2009 radio display not working

    My 2009 Toyota corolla radio isn't working correctly. The display does not show up at all, it only turns on and off, pressing ANY button will turn it off and eject a CD if there's one in. Only one radio station comes in but again pressing any button turns the whole thing off. There are other...
  11. E110Rolla

    New guy in Tennessee

    Hello all! I just purchased a 1998 Corolla VE a couple of months ago, and I'm planning to eventually start modding it once I finish college and start earning more money. Until then it's just going to be a cheap daily driver. Decided to sign up for the forums so I could hopefully learn a little...
  12. Y

    Ae100 radio screen not working

    Hi, My radio works but the small digit screen looks like it burnt out or faded and doesn't display anything Does anyone know where I can buy one of the little 8bit digit screens to replace on the radio?
  13. matthew_33

    Newbie from South Carolina with '14 Corolla LE

    Hello from South Carolina, New member here, the corolla is my second car (the first one being a totaled 2010 honda accord) and it has almost 45k miles on it (bought it at around 20k miles). I don't think I'm going to do any performance mods to my little econobox, but hey I do want to upgrade...
  14. kjh07144

    Services 2014 Corolla

    Hey guys, I am almost on my 40k on my 2014 corolla s. I did oil changes every 10k miles and just recently changed my tires. What else should I look out for? I did my air cabin filter and engine filter at around 20k. Thanks in advance!
  15. B


    I am in search of a turbo kit that will work with my Corolla and CVT Transmission. I could not find any on the web any ideas where to find a kit for my vehicle ?
  16. Milaktunerbog

    2E engine tachometer install

    I bought a tachometer (picture provided) for my 1989 corolla 1.3 2E carb (engine pic provided) i am confused as to how am I supposed to install this tachometer any help is appreciated
  17. Y

    It's mechanically safe to buy those Corollas with 125K miles and more?

    Hey all! Greetings from Brasil! I am the owner of a very well kept Honda Civic 2002 with only 87K miles. Now I am seriously considering to move to an older Toyota Corolla but I have serious doubts that I will find one with such low mileage. The majority of Corollas of these years here have...
  18. C

    Roof rack type for E11 Toyota Corolla Liftback

    Hello all Can anyone advise me on the type of roof rack that will fit the E11 liftback Corolla ? I've attached a few sample pictures. Thanks in advance.
  19. R

    2017 Corolla Belt Squeaking noise CVT

    I’ve noticed after driving about 15 minutes and I’m idling at say a fast food drive thru I notice a squealing noise coming from my CVT. I know this is my CVT because when I pull into my house I have some sit in my car while in drive while I discovered the source of the noise. It is indeed coming...
  20. D

    Can I/Should I mod my 2009 Corolla XLE?

    I'm just curious if I am capable of modding my Corolla XLE with some Corolla S/XRS parts. I'm pretty new to the whole car world so sorry if this question seems pretty obvious to some. Right now it has 166,000 miles and a automatic transmission. Is modding it worth it at this point? If so, what...