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    USB music goes to individual folders

    I'm using a SanDisk 16GB USB to play music in my 2018 Corolla. To get the MP3's on the drive i just drag and drop individual files. However, when i go to play anything, I can't easily scroll through the songs. It says the songs are in folder (one of one) and will only play that song. I have to...
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    Looking for a new radio head unit.... ideas?

    Simple post, pretty much exactly what the title says. It must have carplay and look "clean". I've been searching all over but I can't find one that looks like it just belongs in the car. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Want to upgrade the music system to Sony!!!

    Hi guys, Factory fitted music system is not as good as Sony. Can we upgrade it for my 2017 Toyota Corolla? If yes then how, where? How much it would cost approximately? It would be best if we can reuse existing components or sell them if not compatible with Sony. It would cover some cost as...
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    I find nothing in my manuals about how to organize my music so i can select folders My corolla wants to just reorganize my music to make multiple files for each artist depending on who they sing with or play with 0ften resulting in files with only one song in it. I had my friend reformat the...
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    I am having an issue with the way the corolla is sorting my music as it wants to reorganize what i have to where have artists who do different songs in so many different files. my friend who has a tacoma i had her set the flash drive up as in start with the folder music.. then second folder...