1. YotaRollaBDW

    2zz Motor swap.

    Hey guys my left arm is paralyzed so to keep my car legal for me I’m trying to find a good swap for my car. I like the 2zz with an auto trans since the government has a restriction on my license. Is this a good idea or keep the 1zz and just beef it up?
  2. marksyve

    2001 Corolla e11 1zzfe build planning

    Greetings from Norway! Im planning swapping out my 4zzfe for a 1zzfe from a mr2. The corolla I have is a 5 door lift back from 2001 which has low milage and no rust. I also managed to get my hands on a 2000 corolla g6 hatchback that's been heavily attacked by rust but most of the drivetrain and...
  3. jpcg

    Bumper swap

    Hey guys, I'm planning to make a couple of cosmetics on my Corolla 99, but I've been thinking on the possibility to change the front (bumper + headlights) by using the front of the corolla 01 which is nicer, my question is, IS THAT POSSIBLE? WOULD IT FIT? Thanks for your help beforehand
  4. Drew25

    Matrix AWD system to 2003 corolla LE swap

    Is it possible to take the AWD, rear suspension, axles, brakes etc from a 2003 toyota matrix and transplant them to a 2003 toyota corolla to make it AWD? Toyota lists it as a variant of the corolla in their sales figures and it bears obvious similarity. Has anyone done this or am I the first to...
  5. B

    4afe trans options

    So heres the story. I have 97 with 4afe and 5 speed. I recently lost 3rd and 2nd is finnicky already. Id like to swap trans but, the 92 and prior seem to have a longer first gear which i would like, seeing as im under 4k rpm shifting and shes out of her power band. This car is my daily driver...
  6. FadeKing91

    Does the LE Plus Front Bumper Fit on the S model?

    I'm guessing most people agree that the LE Plus Front bumper 14-16 looks way more aggressive than the S. Is it possible to swap them?
  7. FadeKing91

    Engine Swap

    I was talking with my dad about getting more power out of the 2zr-fe engine in our cars when he told me instead of tuning or building the engine to just do a swap. what engines will fit in our cars that provide lots of power but are also very reliable and or cheap?