throttle body

  1. F

    Turned throttle body cable by hand while running. Now engine is running horrible.

    2002 1.8 VVT The engine has been fine. 75k miles. Was doing a trans fluid change and while the engine was running, i decided to rev it to listen for any noises. I did this not at the gas pedal but at the throttle body cables. It's habit from working on carburated engines. Rev'd it a few times...
  2. UnknownJinX

    Greetings from a 1999 Corolla Owner!

    Hi, everyone! Just purchased a 1999 Corolla CE with a 5-speed standard transmission as a car for me to practice the stick shift on since I started to like standard transmissions. The original owners were an old couple, and they maintained it relatively well with all the records, so the car is in...
  3. Speener71

    Throttle body spacers

    So has anyone been able to find a throttle body spacer for the 2014 and up Corolla? I've been looking around but can't seem to find one.