1. J

    Extremely advanced timing

    My corolla is a 1996 automatic 1.6L 4A-FE. The timing is about 40 degrees advanced according to a timing light and the ECU (using one of those OBDII code readers). It starts up, idles fast (around 1500rpm) and sounds terrible. It will drive for about 5 min and then it dies and won't start...
  2. speedkar9

    How Variable Valve Timing Works

    I took apart the VVT gear on my Corolla to see how it works. I made a video of the breakdown and explanation: Varying the valve timing on a camshaft will decrease emissions at lower engine RPM, and provide more power at higher RPM. Here’s a quick overview of the breakdown The engine head...
  3. D

    Corolla Motor Mystery

    I recently was given a 2000 Corolla CE which is in pretty good shape except that it doesn't run. The prior owner told me it simply quit running in the middle of a drive with no overheating. He also said it was consuming a good deal of oil...think adding every 400 miles or so. It also leaked oil...