1. L

    Help fix my body roll

    So I’m new to forums and this is my first time using one, I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla S as a first car and a daily driver, when I take turns on streets I’ve noticed that she has a tendency to have quite noticeable body roll at or above 10mph, nothing dangerous but definitely annoying, I was...
  2. T

    Custom Taillights

    Does anyone know where I could find custom taillights for the 2018 toyota corolla LE?
  3. T

    2009 radio display not working

    My 2009 Toyota corolla radio isn't working correctly. The display does not show up at all, it only turns on and off, pressing ANY button will turn it off and eject a CD if there's one in. Only one radio station comes in but again pressing any button turns the whole thing off. There are other...
  4. Loregaaa

    2017 Toyota Corolla seat seam rip

    I have a 2017 Toyota Corolla S bought used at 32k miles at the Toyota dealership. I just hit 80k miles and I noticed the drivers seat seam is ripping.. I heard there is some type of warranty possibly but not sure if I’m eligible because of the mileage on the car? Does anyone know how to get info...
  5. Y

    Ae100 radio screen not working

    Hi, My radio works but the small digit screen looks like it burnt out or faded and doesn't display anything Does anyone know where I can buy one of the little 8bit digit screens to replace on the radio?
  6. M

    Myers Mouse Shield

    Attention Toyota Corolla Owners 2014-2019 My name is Ed Myers. Several years ago I realized I had mice living in the cabin air department of my 2014 Toyota Corolla. I took my vehicle to the local Toyota Dealer to have the problem taken care of. The cost of the repair was $145.00 + tax. Upon...
  7. Jennzeeallen

    1987 Corolla ~ AE85 ~ In EXCELLENT Condition

    I am interested in selling my 1987 Corolla AE85. I'd really appreciate any information regarding the cars value. Any suggestions regarding where I should post it for sale? - Coupe - RWD - 1.6L I4 2BL - EXCELLENT Condition - 124K - Everything Original - Never Wrecked - No Rust - Original Paint
  8. Jd_Dx12

    93 toyota corolla questions

    Hey, i have been looking at my car and was wondering what these are for. I see the hose connects to the radiator and then goes into something then another tub thats not connected to anything. What does it connect to? Also whats this looks like its supposed to connect to something i think
  9. Jd_Dx12

    1993 Toyota Corolla break lights won't light up, and Gear Selector stuck on Park.

    I have noticed that my 1993 Toyota Corolla is currently having issues with both my Gear Selector and the Brake Lights. The Gear Selector is currently stuck in Park it won’t move if I press on my breaks and try to get it to go to any of the other options. and the only way I am able to get the...
  10. D

    Car Rev/Disconnected Piece?

    Hi, recently purchased a 2004 toyota corolla with 150,000 miles. I looked in the hood and noticed recently there was a piece disconnected and I am unsure of what it is? Also, my car has been reving itself sometimes (not all the time) i usually notice it after it’s been sitting for a while. It...
  11. O

    corolla engine noise video

    engine oil is .5 inch less than full level. water is ok. i don't know much about cars. I started this car after 30 days. after few miles its start giving me this noise. however initially there was no voice when i changed gear and raced. toyota corolla 2009 gli your help and and guess is...
  12. A

    Toyota Corolla beeps while driving and emergency brake light does not show up in dash when engaged

    Hi, I drive a Toyota Corolla 2004 and recently facing 2 weird issues: 1. It keeps beeping audible from the dashboard when driving the car. It's not a seat belt alert I'm sure as seat belt alert beeps continuously and eventually with increased frequency and seat belt alert is still audible if...
  13. L

    NorCal Rollas car group

    What's up guys, I'm trying to start a NorCal Rollas car group and was wondering if anyone in Northern California with a Corolla would like to join. It doesn't matter what year Corolla you have as long as it's a Corolla. I've ordered a custom made "NorCal Rollas" banner to put on my windshield...
  14. Markbdr90

    3rd gear lugging?

    I have a 99 corolla in a m/t. Why is my 3rd gear lugging? I'd shift from 2500 or even 3000, but the rpm will drop below 1000 and slowly go up and it even shakes a bit. Is it just how the 3rd gear is made? Anyone else experience this in their m/t corollas?
  15. Connor

    2011 Corolla LE Stalling 2 seconds after ignition

    So, I bought a used 2011 Corolla LE with 73,000 miles on it a few weeks ago, replaced the air filters, changed the oil, and changed the fluids. Starting a few days ago, when I start it first thing in the morning (So it's been sitting all night) it will start, then the engine will die almost...
  16. K

    Starting issues 1992 Toyota Corolla

    In morning sometimes starts sometimes not. No click, no engine turnover, Must get first, sometimes very faint sounding click in morning or forget it I have to wait, retry, retry finally starts. After initial starting works fine all day long. New battery, wires checked, alternator fine, tune up...
  17. Jafa05


    Guys, I'm so tired of looking for this paint code! I've searched high and low to no avail! I have a 1.4 2003 toyota corolla terra Saloon euro model. Somebody, please give me the correct code as its gone from the door jam.
  18. 2

    Coolant Loss

    Ok guys, I'm new here. A little background... 2006 Corolla LE 158,000 miles Bought in December from Toyota dealer when my wife's old corolla died runs strong, 35 mpg+ Healthy engine oil and transmission fluid Ok now the issue... I noticed the radiator leaking from some cracks in the seams...
  19. 2

    Coolant loss

    Ok guys, I'm new here. A little background... 2006 Corolla LE 158,000 miles Bought in December from Toyota dealer when my wife's old corolla died runs strong, 35 mpg+ Healthy engine oil and transmission fluid Ok now the issue... I noticed the radiator leaking from some cracks in the seams...
  20. A

    2010 Avensis - Mileage indicator lights and ambiance lights change

    Hello there, I changed the Avensis lights. I wanted to share with you.