199 Corolla Issue With Ignition Coil & #2 Plug

Aloha All, It looks like a great Forum here, sorry to say I have a new to me Corolla with a Problem.
Seems #2 Cylinder isn't fire-ring and I have smoke @ RPM's between 2k & 3K up.
Is a simple new Injection coil the fix here?
I also had a Coolent temp sensor Code come up from Autozone.
I put fresh NGK plugs in and the onl #2 was pretty gummed up pretty good.

Thanks much for any input!
Welcome aboard 98corollale! :)

You'll need to diagnose why the #2 cylinder is not firing. It can be a bad spark plug wire, (if so equipped), a bad connection between the spark plug and the spark plug boot, a bad fuel injector and in the worst case scenario it can be a bad cylinder that has a bad piston or rings.
Thanks Scott, I appreciate the Welcome & Reply!
I guess I shouldn't have jumped at buying a Ignition Coil to try & fix it, it might be the issue, but its too cold here to know for sure for awhile (High of around 12 degrees today)
No it wasn't cheap, I did test that plug wire & it wasn't firing, (The plug wire itself looks fine) but after the Coil install no dice, almost like its not getting any fuel at all now. It was like 16 degree's so maybe it has too much water in the gas tank & froze the lines? UGH...
If that spark plug wasn't firing, you've found a bad spark plug wire. If one is bad, the others are soon to follow.

Are you saying the car wont start?
The Plug looks fine at both ends & Yes, it would be a good idea to check there first thanks much!

Oh & yes its not starting at all now and was smoking pretty good between 2-3500 RPM's!
I swapped out a Control arm on a running Altima just to get a running ride 4 now.

Thanks again Scott, have a great weekend!
Update; The New Ignition coil has provided Spark to the #2 plug but its still not starting. UGH, Could it now be fuel issues? Injector or fuel pump maybe? Any way to test a Fuel Injector?
Hmmmm, now I hear from the Part store guys this model is of the Fuel pump & Filter are in the gas tank that you have to drop type. (No access from the rear seat like other models)

Can anyone confirm this? The Replacement part fuel pump doesn't even come with a fuel filter in it, just a screen.
Diagnose first before replacing anything else. Don't replace parts unless you know they are bad/causing the problem. Discount auto parts stores love to sell you parts you don't need. Almost all vehicles now have the fuel pump inside the gas tank.
Diagnose if the engine is receiving fuel or not with a fuel pressure gauge hooked to the fuel rail on the engine.
Thanks Scott, good advice and the fuel pressure test is next.
You can rent a fuel pressure gauge from Advance Auto Parts and when you are done with it, they return your deposit.

Please don't replace anymore parts unless you have diagnosed the situation and you know they are bad.

You need three things to get an engine to start and run; 1. Fuel 2. Spark 3. Compression.

Most electric fuel pumps will make a faint whining sound when you turn the key to the, "On", position. As the fuel pump is inside the gas tank, go to the back of the car, near the tank and listen closely as someone else turns the key to the, "On", position. Even if you don't hear the fuel pump engaging, diagnose the fuel pressure and see what you have.

You'd do well to buy an auto repair manual for your Corolla as this will have troubleshooting charts you can use to diagnose the problem.

I hope this has been of help. Keep me posted.
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By the way, the fuel pressure gauge should come with instructions on how to use it. You'll need to find the schrader valve on the fuel rail to hook up the fuel pressure gauge. When you do this, some gasoline will leak out and since gasoline is highly combustible and could cause a fire that could burn your car to the ground, please, please, please make sure you have a charged fire extinguisher at hand. Use a rag to soak up any fuel that drips onto the engine, or it could catch on fire. Be very, very thorough when doing this. Gasoline can be very dangerous!
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Here is a video that will help you diagnose the no-start problem you are experiencing with your car. It's done by a fellow that goes by the name of EricTheCarGuy on YouTube. I've been in the automotive repair/maintenance industry for over 25 years and it's unusual to run across someone as knowledgeable as Eric. I've never seen him provide incorrect information. He's first rate! Enjoy -

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Thanks for the info and I haven't replaced anything but the Ignition coil and that fixed spark to #2.

Its been ether Monsoon here or now down in the low teens so maybe it will be warm enough to work on this weekend?
Yes I know, I got the Ignition coil after the test for #2 cylinder failed. I hope is stops snowing long enough to take that next test soon! man, Summer can't come quick enough!