1993 Toyota Corolla break lights won't light up, and Gear Selector stuck on Park.

I have noticed that my 1993 Toyota Corolla is currently having issues with both my Gear Selector and the Brake Lights. The Gear Selector is currently stuck in Park it won’t move if I press on my breaks and try to get it to go to any of the other options. and the only way I am able to get the Gear Selector to move from park is I keep my hand breaks on and place the key in the slot next to the Gear Selector and place the car in Neutral then start the car up so I can actually drive it.

The other problem that I think I currently have is that my brake lights don't turn on. I was looking at videos of other peoples 1993 Toyota Corollas and noticed that when they break the red lights get brighter, meanwhile mine do not. Could me not being able to move my Gear Selector and Brake lights not lighting up possibly be linked together?