1998 Corolla Gauge cluster wiring help swap clusters

Hello the cluster in my 1998 corolla randomly stops working, the odo goes dark and the speedo stops working. I plan to replace with a similar year 98 corolla (or around that year) cluster but the new one has a tach and the old one does not. I am handy with wiring but I lack the manual and diagrams. Just wondering if anybody has a diagram I can use for pinouts or knows how much of a direct swap it will be
Well it turns out you can swap them directly with no wiring or shenanigans whatsoever. I simply pulled out the old cluster and plugged in the new cluster and wham done. I couldn't believe it. 5 minutes of labor. I almost cried how easy it was. Toyota ftw

My car is a 98 without a tach for reference and the cluster I got with an RPM Tachometer inside it works great is from a 98 also in case you see this in the future and are wondering. No strange lights on in the dash after the swap either. The little LCD under the tach says -E or something but idk what that means or what its for and I don't care because having a tach and a working speedo is priceless.