2009 Toyota Corolla seat belt alarm malfunction.

Hello everyone today my 2009 Corolla suddenly started making the seat belt alarm go off constantly even when there is nothing on the seats and I'm buckled in. The seatbelt indicator lights on the dash show that I have my seatbelt on because when I buckle in the light stops flashing. However even though its registering that I'm buckled in the alarm continues to go off indefinitely. It used to go off for a while if something was in the passenger seat and then turn off after about a minute but now its not turning off at all once I accelerate and nothing is in the passenger seat and I'm buckled in.

Does anyone know what is wrong? I checked the fuses under the driver side dash and they all appear to be fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
It sounds you have bad position sensors on the seats. And/or the seat belt buckle is not making proper contact. Check your wiring on your seats. Ask me if you have any doubts.