2010 le


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Picked up a new to me 2010 LE last week. 41 k miles, so I expect to get another 160 k out of it. It was a rental car out of Florida, so no rust worries, and only minor nicks and such to both the exterior and interior - things that probably would have happened if I had bought it new 2 years ago. It came with a Lifetime Engine / Power Train Warranty from the dealer (Toyota Knoxville).

I was looking at several cars - Civic, Corolla, Subaru Impreza (STILL love this car). But when I came across this, the price was right - and with that warranty, how could I NOT buy it. I wanted a Silver one, but tan doesn't look too bad.
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Hi. I recently picked up a 2010 LE with 41k on it when i got it. I had to put on new tires and brakes and may need to get new Rotors put on it but besides that it is in great shape and i love the gas mileage.


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The gas mileage is awesome. I am averaging 31.5 according to my dash computer. And above that, I really like the car.

Congrats on your new acquisition!