2012 S Intake

I bought a '12 S and im looking for a short ram or cold air intake for the vehicle. I can only seem to find intakes for the '11, would the '11 intake fit on the '12??
Probably. Best bet would be to call the manufacturer of the intake in which you're interested, and get their specifications. Could be that the '12s are so new that manufacturers have yet to list their products for them.
K&N filters/colf

Check out the K&N website for the proper cold air intake for the 2012 and then google it for the best price through Amazon.com, e-bay, etc. I just put a K&N air filter on my 2012 S and love it. Will not go with a cold air intake yet b/c of concerns with the warranty, etc, and what the real increase in power vs mpg is. I know that just changng over to the K&N air filter will not void your warranty.