2015 LE rear skid plate/shield rusted remove or replace

As the title says have a 2015 LE and the rear skid plate/shield has rusted and is hanging a bit on one side and rattles. As it covers the plastic gas tank I'd rather replace it than just yank it off. Can't seem to find one online though, is it a dealer only item?

Ended up going to local dealer here in SE NH. Part number 77641-02210, $213 but not in stock. Found online for same price, though some dealers charge the $303 list for it.

Got it put on the other day. Not too bad of a job. The diagram I was given at the dealership is wrong. Has 5 bolts holding it on not 4. Then the 4 bolts I had ordered from ToyotaPartsDeal were the wrong size.The bag had the same part number shown on the diagram. The existing bolts are like a M6 or M8 thread, the bolts I got were like a M14 or bigger, huge difference. I was able to reuse 4 of the 5 original, 1 broke, drilled it out, put in a slightly larger self tapping screw. Cleaned up the bolts and gave em a spritz of Fluid Film. See if it lasts another 7-1/2 years. Gave this shield a couple coats of hi-temp Rust-Oleum first.