Aftermarket Horns Thoughts and Opinions

Hey guys I was looking at getting a set of Hella Supertones for my 14 Sam Plus. I was wondering on your thoughts or if anyone has bought and installed them? Thanks.


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I can`t comment on those , but I`m glad that they started putting regular horns in the Corolla instead of those Japanese meepmeep horns of yesteryear :)
I installed Hella Supertones on my 14 Corolla. I feel like the sound projects a lot better than the stock. A buddy and I worked 4 hours routing the cable to make the whole setup look legit. When blown, it sounds about like the typical car alarm. The aesthetic value is also nice. I hooked mine up behind the grill so you can see the red behind the black.

Note of Caution: Don't test the horns when still in your garage unless you wear earplugs.
Yeah I was looking at getting them for my car. For the price of 45.00 they are definitley worth a try and I'm going to have them installed professioanlly. I noticed that there is a second mounting hold located right next to where the factory horn is. We're you able to use that other location? Can you send a pic or post one? Thank you.
Not an air horn cause I wouldn't have a compressor. I just want something better than stock and louder. The supertones look like a good fit.
Sorry for the delay, I don't get off work until dark typically. Here are some images. We used corrugated tubing to maintain the wires. Sorry for the image quality, had to modify them so they'd upload.
They look good! How do they sound compared to the stock horn? I was going to order them from auto anything for 46.00 plus 5.00 for overnight shipping but wouldn't ship till the 5th. Amazon has them for the same price and the shipping is about 12.00 but I would get them the 29th of Dec.
This sounds comparison is pretty accurate. Since the Hellas are dual tone, they are louder and grab your attention more. They seem a lot louder through the cab too. They'll definitely draw more attention than the stock.

I got mine from Pep Boys, so it cost me $60, but I had them right away and didn't have to pay for shipping. ;) I'd recommend getting some of the tubing as well. Helps protect the word from dust and the elements. It only costs a few bones.

Yeah thanks for the update. I'm going to have them done by the same person that put in my remote start cause I hate electrical and wiring in general lol. I'm going to look on pepboys site right now actually lol.
Maybe try your hand at a before and after video. Wish I would have thought of it... Just to see the difference
I will do a before and after video for you! I am getting them installed next Thursday. I order them from Amazon, part number 003399801. They should be coming this Saturday which isn't bad. I just paid 12.00 for shipping just to make sure I got them on time. The PepBoys by me has them but they have the ones that are China made. I'd rather have the German ones lol. I'm going to have them mounted in the same location as you as well. Thanks again! I'll keep you updated.