Can I save money by buying only the cooling fan motor? Radiator fan

Something is wrong with my radiator fan / cooling fan on my 2011 manual transmission Corolla.

I first noticed that my AC sometimes wasn't working. Recently it got worse. I noticed the AC only works when I'm at speed and the car overheats when I stop for several minutes or go through a drive-thru. When I pop the hood to investigate I typically find it is not turning but it will usually start turning if I give it a push in the right direction. Even then it turns much too slow.

I figure the fan should be loud enough to hear with the hood closed, but when it is turing it's pretty quiet and doesn't turn fast enough to cool the car significantly or get the AC going. At best, it seems to get me out of the red on the temperature gauge.

Looking online I see people saying you have to remove the entire radiator and replace the whole fan with fan shroud. Taking off the whole radiator is a bit out of my comfort zone but I may attempt it if I can save enough money. Unfortunately, I'm getting quotes of nearly $200 for the shroud with fan. That's ridiculous considering how common this issue is even with the OEM Toyota parts. Can't I reuse my old shroud and fan blades and just replace the motor? Can I even order the motor alone? Auto parts places will only quote me the whole assembly.
By doing a bit of research and exploring alternative solutions, you might be able to save some money on the repair.
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From what you've described, it does seem like the fan motor might be the culprit here. I get your hesitation about removing the whole radiator, but it might be worth exploring options to replace just the motor.

You could try checking with local auto parts stores or even looking online for a replacement motor alone. It's possible that you might find a more cost-effective solution rather than replacing the entire assembly.