Corolla Insurance Odd

Just a simple, but an interesting thing.

I recently came into possession of a 2005 Corolla S, manual.
It has the Corolla S badge on it and was advertised as a Corolla S.

The past insurance card, and the new one I just received both states it as a "Corolla CE".

Am I missing something wrong? Did someone put a different badge on it? Haha


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The corolla s has the body kit, the front and rear bumper have little skirt around it and the same in the middle, if yours doesnt then you have the CE and somebody just decide to change the badge, or somebody decide to demove the skirt around the bumpers, here are website that let you check the history of your car for free and you can see which one you have with the vin number.


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Howdy guys, so your insurance is over?
Hey, guys, so your insurance is over? I had a situation where my wife broke her car (we have 2 cars), after this incident, she started looking for insurance that would cover the accident in an undesirable next case. Since there are many ways to cover repairs, I believe that it is better to use the services that after insuring one car, the second car that can make insurance using different services and vulnerabilities in the documentation. By the way on one of the forums I found a website about it.

Here is the link for it