Droning noise, new tires 2015 S.

My sons car is a 2015 s with 64000 miles. About 4000 miles ago, on 5-21-22 we purchased brand new Lexani tires. I have not driven the car since until yesterday. It has a horrible droning noise coming from what sounds like the right front, but it could be everywhere. It starts at about 40 mph, not as loud at 50, then real loud at 60. To me it sounded like a tire noise. It is constant with speed, doesnt change if speeding up or slowing down, doesnt change if I put it in neutral. I Swapped the right front with the rear left to see if the noise moved and it sounds the same. I then put the right front up in the air and tried to shake the tire side to side and up and down, but it feels tight. No Check engine lights. Could brand new tires be this loud? Could a wheel bearing go from loud at 40 to not so much at 50, then real loud at 60? How about a cv axle? How would I check that? Thanks for any help.
I found a nice writeup on how to test the wheel bearings, and the one on the front left failed. I will fix that over the weekend and see if that was the who issue.