Drove through a deep puddle .... "VSC Off" is flashing, check engine light is on

Hello, I've done some googling on this and I see it's not uncommon. Since I got this car used without a manual it took me until now to understand what "VSC" is - I thought it had something to do with the ABS sensors on each wheel but I guess not - that would have made sense. To be clear, the car drives perfectly - exactly the same as before I went through the puddle. And it's been close to a week, so plenty of time to dry out. Is there a "next move" I can try as an amateur before I open my wallet at my mechanic's shop? I was thinking some kind of "wire dryer" spray, but I wouldn't know where to spray! Anything else I can try? I have a code reader so I can reset the CE light, might that do it? TIA for any advice!

[edit to add]: The puddle I drove through was a little more than puddle - close to the level of the axle but not over it, I'm pretty sure. I was gonna bail when I saw this, but every other car in front of me and coming my way drove through it seemingly unscathed].
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Too late to delete (unless I missed something) so I'm back to add this addendum: I typed the above message sitting in a coffee shop, and when I went back to my car and started the engine, the lights were off! Everything seems to be back to normal. Quite a coincidence, after having the lights on & flashing all week! So.... NEVER MIND!