Easy to replace cigarette lighter?

I found a video on YouTube to replace the cigarette lighter.. Mine has not worked for a long time now, but I don't feel like paying someone to replace it. It sucks driving places I can't charge my phone.. I mean there is the USB port, but it's slow as fuck.

It says 2014-2018 Corolla.. the car in the video looks like an older model corolla to me.

Same steps?

Says see his video on how to remove the cup holder, then put e brake on and chock under front tires to prevent car from rolling. Two clips at top and bottom to remove console cover, then put car in Neutral, and tilt and remove cover. Then put back in park and I can then remove the panel cover. I should then be able to remove the plug behind the cigarette lighter and put a new one in.

When removing the plug in the back of the cigarette lighter do I need to do anything else? Car is obviously off, but did I need to do anything such as remove a fuse or disconnect the battery?