Electronic locks work only on back doors

I have a 2009 Corolla. When I use either the fob or the lock buttons on my front door panels all of my rear doors lock and unlock, but neither my driver's door nor my front passenger door locks or unlocks. I have to do both of those manually.

I have checked the fuse under the driver sire panel and it is good.

Anyone have an idea how to narrow this down? I can only find threads when either one door or on all doors have issues.
And I am not sure where to find the different items yo check.

Help, if I take this into the dealership, they will charge me much money to diagnose the problem and I don't want to pay that and then pay quite a bit more if it is an expensive fix. My concern is that I would be throwing away all the money for diagnostics and finding out that the cost to fix it is out of reasonable amount of money.

Thanks for any insight.
Do you have an extra FOB to test in case it is something strange with the FOB? How about if you use the key in the driver's door and turn it twice, do all doors lock/unlock or same problem?
Hello, thank you for your reply. I do not have an extra fob, just the one.
Mechanically, one turnbof my key unlocks the driver's door. (The only way to unlock it or by pulling the mechanical switch inside the car. Mechanical switch inside car is the only wsy to unlock the front passenger door.) But the two turns of the key unlocks the back passenger doors. It comes down to the front doors need mechanical ways of opening them and the back doors can do it all ways. The fuse under the dashboard has one for both front doors, but it is good. I even flipped the fuses with a back door fuse. My guess is if there is a fuse under the hood that will allow extra power that this would be tied to all doors. (Something I had read elsewhere.) I would hate to see that the motors for both front door lock actuators being out. It is supposed to be easy parts the replace, but I am a little intimidated by that as I have watched a couple of videos. Much to take apart.
I wish I could say that I have another Fob, but I do not.
The single turn of key opens drivers door only. Douvle turn of key opens the rest of the doors except the front passenger.