Help new car!!!


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ok I’m a newbie (girl) and not too familiar with cars and I don’t have anyone that I know that’s too good with them right at this moment.

Ok here it goes I just bought a 2018 Corolla Le almost two weeks ago and it’s making a whirring/whooshing sound almost 90% of the time when I slow down or press on the brake.

Also driving the other day I heard a horrible clanking type sound when I pressed on the break. Weather has been good roads dry, easy terrain and driving conditions.

I bring it back to the Toyota dealer I bought it at and they say it’s the abs pump system that’s doing it and that it’s a new car and give it time etc.

I need advice is this normal, will it go away eventually? Then they said it happens when it’s in eco mode and I said it’s been happening regardless of eco mode and to that they didn’t really have an answer for me.

I’m going to call my trusty mechanic. But I feel something is wrong. :( I feel so bummed this whole ordeal started from a accident in which I wasn’t at fault and my 2011 Corolla totaled and now I’m not happy with my purchase at all. After this I’m never going back to Corolla period. Maybe even Toyota.
Your description is too vague to expect much help from a forum or even a dealer or mechanic without test-driving the car. However :
ABS can make noise a few minutes after driving then, depending on conditions, on some braking. But you mention it also does it when slowing (not braking). So brakes are out...
You mention "eco mode" but you don't have an "eco mode" on LE... Merely a light that goes on when you driving style get the best MPG. And "eco mode" wouldn't do that anyway. So that's out.
You'd have to be more precise on when, conditions, where approximately in the car the noise come from. Note if it's random or always occur in specific conditions.
From just your description, it could be a lot of thing, including... a loose object in the trunk or the glove box.
Also every car company will have lemons. Theres a reason why the Corolla is the most reliable. Give it time. If anything, your cars covered under warranty anyways
The whooshing, whirring noise you describe when slowing down is completely normal, it's the CVT transmission. The other noise you describe is the ABS being activated, Both sounds you describe are completely normal. Relax and enjoy your new car, don't worry, everything is good with your new purchase.
I just stumbled across your post, and I totally get you. I'm not too with the cars either, and once my car broke dow in the middle of nowhere, which was a horrible experience.
Hey there, sorry to hear about your experience with your new car. As someone who's also not too familiar with cars, I can definitely understand how frustrating it can be to deal with car troubles. Have you considered using a vehicle transportation service to get your car to a mechanic you trust? I recently discovered one, and it was a lifesaver for me when my car broke down. They were able to transport my car to a mechanic I trusted, and it saved me a lot of time and hassle. It might be worth looking into if you're not able to find a mechanic nearby who you trust.
While the dealer's explanation might ease some worries, it's totally valid to seek a second opinion from your mechanic. They might give you a more detailed insight into what's going on. Sometimes, new cars do have their quirks, but if it's affecting your driving experience, it's worth looking into further. Also, sorry to hear about the accident ordeal—it's understandable to feel disheartened. Considering a different car brand might be on your mind, and that's totally okay. Exploring other options that align better with what you're looking for is a smart move. When it comes to resolving these concerns, having a mechanic you trust will be invaluable. And if you're considering any moves or transport needs in Texas, checking out reliable moving companies like those listed at could make your transition smoother.